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On the planet Pisces, the Sakana, a species of humanoid fishkin beings, celebrate a special holiday which is more  important to them than it is a human’s Valentine’s Day.  The Week of Amos, a time where boy Sakana and girl Sakana court each other in order to find their significant other and live happily ever after.


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I love the story but i cannot pass the dance part

is there any way to easily beat it?


this is so good! i love the story. <3<3<3<3<3

it reminds me so much of late 90s video games! very cute :)

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One letter and four words...


Important question.


I am really confused because there is not a Japanese version of the demo.

Its just Fish Kiss in Japanese. I did it because I though the kanji looked cool.

Oh, I think it looks cool too, but it is weird to see something with a Japanese name.

I completely understand using other languages for creative purposes, I like how popcorn in Greek is ποπκορν and I personally prefer Requiescat In Pace over Rest In Peace. But that´s because of penmanship, it´s weird because the game does not take place in Japan and the world was not built upon an Japanese speaking society.


I think it's really interesting! Love the art, music, everything :D


this is so much fun! The art is absolutely amazing!


There's a vineshroom in this thing, 10/10